Annoying Ways People Use Sources Reflection:

In this article “Annoying Ways People Use Sources”, Kyle Stedman makes an effort to show students the wrongdoings of quoting sources how to fix them. He begins his argument by stating the way that most quoted sources are presented is as annoying as following a slow driver on the highway (242-243), because our readers either think that we have no idea how to quote things properly or that we don’t care to quote them properly (243). He also explains the most common mistakes that college make when quoting sources, how to fix them, and examples of good and bad quoting.

I consider this article by Stedman, very unique and unlike other articles, that truly focuses on one specific and concrete topic. I feel like the other article that we have read up to this point have been more broad and included abstract ideas. I’ve been taught about how to cite sources and how to make sure they make sense where you put them, but never about how to introduce them properly so your paragraph flows nicely. I didn’t truly realize how choppy my paragraphs were until I read this article. It is so nice to be able to read an article like this and learn something that can be used right now in your college life.

I especially enjoyed this article by Stedman because it was so related considering that I am a college student. Whether it was because of the interesting examples and quirky examples he gave to the titles to each problem and solution, I was fully engaged throughout the entire article because of the way he incorporated those things.

I do have to say, I don’t think that annoying was quite the best word choice to use in this article just because some people could get offended that the author is referring to them as that but he definitely hit the nail on the head for making a reader chuckle and learn all at the same time. I personally will be revisiting this article solely because I don’t want to be THAT writer he was desrbing throughout the article.

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