About Me

September 2nd, 2016- Looking back at this photo from two years ago, so many memories rush into my head. It was a chilly day and my sister was taking her senior pictures but of course I had to get in on all the fun. We needed a snack because taking photos is so exhausting…. Dunkin’ run it is! Although I look so happy, I was so annoyed and ready to be done taking pictures. Browsing through the Chapters we have read by Rettberg says “Filters can get worn our out or clogged up over time”.  It is so crazy how much a filter can defamiliarize a photo that viewers see ‘perfection’ and not the reality. 
January 7, 2018- This photo is one of my senior pictures my mom took of me. There is a small amount of snow in the background but you can’t see how cold I am by just looking at this photo. It is crazy how a glimpse of a photo can make viewers see such a different reality then what is really going on behind the camera. Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Chapter 2 is mainly focused on Filtered Reality. “We cannot represent our lives or our bodies without using or adapting” (Rettberg pg.24) In this photo of myself I am along side the road at an old train station waiting area, in the middle of the freezing winter, but this photo is edited to show the best features, lighting, and attitude. 


August 22nd, 2018- You may be wondering, are these her kids? At first glance a lot of people readily assume that they must be her children, but they’re not. These two cuties I have the privileged of babysitting. On this warm summer day we were happily jumping on their trampoline out in the yard. Behind the camera, I am all smiles enjoying the company that these girls are giving me. Even though this is a photo without me present, it brings me great happiness and unfortunately viewers are not able to see that. Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Rettberg says “Digital self-presentation and self-reflection is cumulative rather than presented as a definitive whole”. This is a great example of that because these two are making the impression that they are happy and love each other but, when I wasn’t telling them to smile, and get closer, they were yelling at each other and there were lots of tears following. 
June 2nd, 2018- What a wonderful day this was. Right next to me is an old neighbor of mine that I formed an incredible bond with. This picture was taken the day of my graduation party, our first interaction with each other since the day she left. When she moved away we drifted apart and didn’t see each other for more than 6 years. Our initial reaction when we saw each other was to hug and smile at each other is awe. A lot of the emotions that I was feeling at the time this photo was taken I filtered out because it had been such an emotional day to begin with, but then when we had this reunion I could hardly contain myself. I slapped a smile on my face to avoid the tears from running down my face. Rettberg expresses so much vital information that connects to these exact feelings that I had.