Responding to “The Mechanical Bride” Notes:

Analysis: On the last page of this article the author states “Certain habits of mind have led to a natural exaggeration about the value, and even necessity, of “correct views.” This statement continues by stating; “These habits blind people to the real changes of our time. Conditioned in this way, people have been taught to accept opinions and attitudes of the press.” 

To expand on these statements that I quoted from the author I’d like to start off by saying; WOW! These statements caused a lot of thoughts to flood into my brain immediately. It sickens me to think that majority of people’s views nowadays aren’t even their own. This society has altered each and everyone of us to “go with the flow”, and to not “stir the pot” with our expression of opinions or disapproval of something that is in favor of the majority but not ourselves. I find this happening to me a lot actually. I find that these habits the author addresses most certainly affect everyone very differently but for me it makes me come to my senses that in fact we have been taught to accept opinions and attitudes from the press. We are so involved in the mainstream media that our opinions just get lost and we begin to just agree with others that have similar views so that we “fit in”. So many things that are currently happening in the press relate this this quote above so predominately. We as people of this society have this minor fault that has been distilled in us to just pick a side and never see where others come from. Opinions from the press are rarely true to themselves and that is why we must go out on a limb and create a new habit that doesn’t hurt our true individuality.

Key Terms & Main Idea: 

Main Idea: Individuals gather their information from varies sources, and each and everyone of us do different things with the information that we acquire. The habit that people are starting to attain by the media is causing our minds to  lose self value and accuracy pertaining to our own beliefs.

  • Mechanical Bride: Pioneering study of popular culture, treating newspapers, comics, and advertisements as poetic texts
  • Folklore: The traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth
  • Condemnation: the expression of strong disapproval; punishment; put down
  • Quantum: required or allowed amount
  • Ir-rationalism: a system of belief or action that disregards or contradicts rational principles
  • Vengeance: punishment inflicted

Summary: For many decades, the concept of reading and obtaining information is vastly different between individuals. Their are people that just like to sit back and consume the material that they’re reading but not analyze what is being presented to them. Many of these individuals catch themselves “staring off into space” while reading a newspaper article or scrolling social media without even realizing what they’re consuming. But on the other hand, we have the people that like to over analyze what they come across and try to put themselves in the shoes of the person’s account that they are viewing to try and understand or somehow compare themselves. We as individuals need to be cautious of how we base our opinion on topics that are presented in the media because the habits that our minds start to develop can cause our “correct views” to become  misconstrued and altered.


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