How to Read Like a Writer: Reflection

Considering that I am currently a college student this text couldn’t relate to me more. On page 79, the author Mike Bunn introduces the idea about RLW, and to most college students this is a new way to read and can be difficult to learn at first. I can attest to this because I feel as though the professors that I have may expect me to already be reading this way for class but never have introduced it to me. I am very pleased to be having the opportunity to broaden my intelligence and gain useful ways for reading a text. I didn’t expect my high school teachers to educate me on this way of learning but I really would’ve appreciated it more than they may of thought. Jumping into college right after high school was a very challenging transition, but the most frustrating part was that I felt as if my teachers didn’t prepare me for the drastically different way of reading. It may sound so simple but it is coming out more and more that my ways of reading were not very effective what so ever. Flipping through “How to read like a writer”, I began to realize that I have an enormous amount of area for improvement with my reading. Every single page of this article was so helpful in it’s own way. When you’re first introduced to a new way of reading it can be very intimidating. The further that you allow yourself to get uncomfortable the more that your mind is learning and developing. I feel as though that is what I experienced after reading this text. I think that many of us are so stuck in our own ways that we forget how to adapt to new concepts of learning. But if we’re able to get ourselves out of that rut and explore articles like “How to read like a writer”, we can grow so much.

To wrap up on all my thoughts, I’d like to say, this article is an incredibly great way to help readers expand on their abilities of reading and venture out to new concepts and ultimately being able to efficiently read a text and getting the most out of it.







…And by Islands I mean Paragraphs: 

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